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									                                                           Emerald Coast Chapter
                                                International Test and Evaluation Association
                                                            Post Office Box 1584
                                                    Eglin Air Force Base, Florida 32542
                                       MINUTES OF THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING
                         1.        Call to Order. President Buff Tibbetts called the Executive Committee meeting, conducted on 02
    Buff Tibbetts
                                   December 2003 in Building 350 Room 283, Eglin AFB, FL, to order at 1530.

                         2.        Minutes of Previous Meeting. Minutes of 03 November 2003 meeting were approved.
President Elect
    Bob Arnold
                         3.     Reports
                              A. Treasurer – Buff Tibbetts. Checking account balance as of 30 November 2003 is $2,986.93.
                                 Money market account balance as of 30 November 2003 is $15,268.72.
Past President
    Doug Nation
                              B. National Notes - Bob Arnold. Not in attendance (special assignment to OSD).

                              C. Education Chair - Mike Buck. Nineteen scholarship packages have been sent to high schools.
                                 Mike Buck and Debbie Clinger are asked to spread the word within TEAS and 53d Wing,
    Debbie Clinger
                                 respectively, about the scholarship opportunities.

                              D. Membership Chair – Betsy Thorn. Not in attendance. Current membership list was made
                                 available to board members.
    Buff Tibbetts
                              E. Programs Chair –Curt Kirkland. Not in attendance. ITEA/AOC luncheon on 06 November
                                 2003, NCO Club, was well attended. Maj Mark Schreffler will speak for December 2003
Board of Directors
                                 luncheon on “Virtual Tour of the Range”.
   Bran McAllister
   Craig Otto
                              F.     Awards Chair – Harry Strittmatter. Not in attendance. Asked for volunteer to present ITEA
  Vic Prawdzik
                                     Tester of the Quarter Award (Jul-Sep03) plaque to 18 FTS Hurlburt.
  Darryl Thornton
  Neil Christianson
                              G. Chapter Business.
  Lt Col Mark Erickson
                         4.        Old Business. Review of open action items.
National Chair
                              A. ACTION (Buff Tibbetts): Check with Gene Simmons about maintaining/hosting Chapter’s
   Bob Arnold
                                 web site. STATUS – OPEN (04 March 2003). AMENDED ACTION (31 March 2003):
                                 (Mark Erickson) Will contact Gary Drake (2-4455) about web page format, the best way to
                                 contact Yahoo, and reactivating our pages thru Yahoo (procedures and costs). AMENDED
Education Chair
                                 ACTION (07 August 2003): (Buff Tibbetts) Buff Tibbetts will talk with Gary Drake about
   Mike Buck
                                 the pros/cons of carrying out present web contract and then rehosting chapter web with
                                 Crestview provider or transferring web page to Crestview provider now. AMENDED
                                 ACTION (02 September 2003): (Mark Erickson) Mark has contacted Yahoo and is now
Membership Chair
                                 waiting for Technical Support to respond. Board of Directors has agreed that if Yahoo does not
  Betsy Thorn
                                 promptly respond to our request for help and the Crestview provider does not charge exorbitant
                                 fees to host web page, Buff Tibbetts is authorized to make arrangements with Crestview
Program Chair                    provider to begin hosting chapter’s web page. 07 October 2003: (Buff Tibbetts) Yahoo
   Curt Kirkland                 support will be stopped. Buff will contact Gary Drake about transferring files to new provider.
   Donna Self                    Pushing to have new web site up and active within two weeks. 02 December 2003: (Buff
                                 Tibbetts/Mark Erickson) Mark Erickson will check with Network Solutions to see if domain
                                 name can be freed up so that chapter can get web site going again.
Awards Chair
  Harry Strittmatter     5.        New Business.

                              A. Send out email to membership soliciting volunteers for different chapter committees (education,
                                 membership, programs, awards).
B. For 2003 Science Fair, chapter presented team awards (approximately $560). Members are
   encouraged to judge or fill other roles. BOD has approved purchase of team awards for 2004
   Science Fair. If another organization has already committed to this task, BOD has approved
   $500 contribution to supporting fair activities.

C. Discussion on hosting 2006 National ITEA Symposium. 2004 symposium is to be held in
   Hunstville, AL; 2005 symposium is scheduled for Albuquerque, NM. Suggestions for holding
   conference were Sand Destin and Conference Center on the island. Buff Tibbetts will speak
   with Alan Plishker concerning expected return to hosting chapter.

D. Discussion on chapter coin. Previous investigation for creating and production of chapter coin
   does not appear to be cost effective for the chapter.

E. Chapter received certification for Superior Chapter Award 2003.

F.   Current chapter President Elect, Bob Arnold, will not be able to step in as chapter President for
     term beginning 2004. The incoming President Elect will assume President responsibilities
     starting at the January 2004.

Next Board of Directors meeting is Tuesday, 13 January 2004 at 1530 in Building 350, Room 283.

The meeting adjourned at 1640.

Debbie Clinger, ECC ITA Secretary

Our web site is:

ATTENDANCE on 03 November 2003:

1.   Buff Tibbetts                                      6.    Mike Buck
2.   Doug Nation                                        7.    Mark Erickson
3.   Debbie Clinger                                     8.    Craig Otto
4.   Bran McAllister                                    9.    Donna Self
5.   Neil Christianson                                  10.   Vic Prawdzik

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