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					                                                                RATE CARD
    – – –
                                              Page One is a Division of Adoni Advertising a Division of AIS

                                            These Rates are Subject to Change
                                   Contact PAGE ONE to make sure you have the latest Rate Card

Local Wholesale SEM Account Creation                             $       999     Script Creation of Video               $     499
  Google – Yahoo – Bing (Per Account)
                                                                                 Custom 3D Animation of Text                  999
Up to 100 Keywords and 6 Custom QS Ads
                                                                                 Setup Fee Geo Video Portal Page              199
National Wholesale SEM Account Creation                               Quote
  Google – Yahoo – Bing
                                                                                 Monthly Featured Page Fee                    199
ALL SEM Accounts are subject to a 15% Monthly SEM
Management Fee. There is a $100.00 Minimum Fee per
SEM Account.
                                                                                 Monthly Business Hosting                      50
SEO of Home Page with Web Design                                         999       Includes Log Analysis
  Adoni Business Card Design                                                       Parking Up to 50 Domains
                                                                                   100.00 for 50 to 100 Domains
Includes initial SEO work and insertion into Google and                            1.00 per domain above 100
Yahoo. Most Adoni Clients obtain PAGE ONE for their
keywords on top search engines (Product and Location),                           Page One SEO Links Program                 Quote
however, page position cannot be guaranteed. Additional
SEO Programming Rates apply to maintain page position                            SEO Analysis and SEO Monthly Fee           Quote
when and if needed.
                                                                                 Additional HTML Web Pages (Per Page)          99
Web Video Production Packages
                                                                                   HTML Programming Only
  30 Seconds                                                           1,999       SEO, Scripting and Graphics extra
  60 Seconds                                                           2,999
The above prices include all transitions and effects and text                    Keyword Domain Name Consulting               250
insertion into video and use of Stock photos and videos.                           Per Hour
Client shall provide any custom images or raw video. If raw
video shooting is required, it is an additional charge                           Keyword Domain Name Acquisition Fees        25%
and will be quoted in a written bid. All video productions                         Of Purchase Price
use for Internet and LOCAL TV/CABLE.) National and 100
YEAR Licenses are available.
                                                                                 Hourly Rates

                                                                                    HTML Programming                          100
VIDEO Use Licenses                                                                  Web Site Admin (FTP/SSH)                  200
                                                                                    Scripting                                 200
   2 Year Limited Use License                                                       Video Editing                             300
   5 Year Limited Use License                                                       SEO Consulting                            500
   100 Year Limited Use License                                                     SEM Consulting                            500
   National Use License (National TV)                                               Domain Consulting                         250

YOU TUBE Promotion Services                                                      Voice Over Talent Video                    Quote
Includes creation of YouTube account and page, custom                            Onsite Photo Shooting                      Quote
SEO work and permission to use Adoni Trademark. Most
Adoni Clients obtain PAGE ONE for their keywords on                              Onsite Video Shooting                      Quote
YouTube (Product and Location), however, page position
cannot be guaranteed.
                                                                                 Models for Photos or Videos                Quote

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