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					                                                      Human Resource Service

           Survey of Teacher Numbers
           and Teacher Vacancies as at
                18th January 2007
                        (for ECC Payroll Schools)

Please complete and return this form by - Friday 2nd February 2007

 To:                                          DfES Number:

Survey of Teacher Numbers and Teacher Vacancies – 18th January 2007.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the 554 schools that took the time to complete the survey in September 2006. This response represents a 96% rate
which is very impressive; however we are always striving for better and would like to achieve 100% coverage.

To help us achieve this I would like to explain a little about the importance of this survey. Each term we ask for teacher workforce data from schools which provides information
on vacancy and turnover rates by phase, by subject (for secondary schools), by individual district and for the County as a whole.
The data helps us identify which schools and areas are experiencing problems in recruiting and retaining teachers. This allows us to help plan strategies and initiatives which
are aimed at helping schools in the recruitment of teachers and other staff. With tight budgets it is important that we target our limited resources at the schools and areas that
most need them in terms of recruitment and retention issues. The data is also used to inform national bodies such as the DfES and TDA of the situation in Essex, and for
comparison purposes with neighbouring Authorities. Schools may also use the data to compare their situation with other schools in their district and across the County as a

Survey Completion
You can complete the form in either of the following ways:

Save the document and email to: workforce.informationhr@essexcc.gov.uk


Complete this copy and return through the internal mail to: Sarah King, Workforce Information, HR Systems, A1 Annex, County Hall, PO Box 47, Chelmsford CM1 1YS Or by
FAX to: 01245 430294

If you have any queries contact Sarah King on 01245 431953.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Ian Witham
Assistant Team Manager - Workforce Information and Analysis

                                                               Notes for Completion 
To be completed by ALL schools. When asked for a „Number‟ a „Head Count‟ is required, so all such answers will be whole numbers.

When asked for an „FTE‟ (Full Time Equivalent) it is “how much time does the member of staff work?” expressed in full time units. For example a part time
employee that worked for two days a week would have an FTE of 0.4 and a Full Time employee would have an FTE of 1. So in boxes asking for an FTE
decimal numbers (up to two decimal places) are usual.

Table 1 - This is the Schools staffing complement as if fully staffed.
Please show this figure as an FTE. Include Heads, Deputies, Assistant Heads and any vacancies.

Table 2 - Record all qualified teacher posts, of one term or more, that are vacant or temporarily filled, at the start of the Spring Term 2007.
Count posts that are: not covered, or covered by supply/other teaching staff, or covered by a teacher on a contract of three terms or less
Include:   posts the school has tried to fill but were not filled by 18th January 2007
           posts where an appointment had been made but was not in post at 18th January 2007
Exclude: posts not becoming vacant until after 18th January 2007, e.g. a teacher has resigned but is serving notice
           posts that were filled by somebody on a contract of more than three terms

 This Box is important as it indicates to the DfES if your vacancy fully meets their definition.  The post has to be completely vacant, not being covered at all
and the post has to have been advertised and is still intending to recruit. If so please place a “Y” in this column.
                                                   PLEASE REFER TO SURVEY CODES FOR COMPLETION

Table 3 - Record the TOTAL numbers of support staff and their FTE, then how many of those are Higher Level Teaching Assistants and how many are Cover
Supervisors. Also record the TOTAL number of agency staff.

Table 4 - Record Trainees & Instructors without QTS on a contract of one month or more.
Exclude: Students on teaching practice and all support staff including those providing cover supervision or carry out specific work without a teacher present.

Table 5 - Record all Teacher Leavers. Please do NOT enter supply or agency staff as leavers. To be completed by ALL schools.
                                                   PLEASE REFER TO SURVEY CODES FOR COMPLETION

Table 6 - Record all Teacher Starters. This table is for NON ECC PAYROLL schools only and will only be included in Non ECC Payroll school surveys.
                                                   PLEASE REFER TO SURVEY CODES FOR COMPLETION

School:                                                                                                                           DfES No.

Completed by:                                                                     Tel No.                                         Date: ____ / ____ / 07
                               (NB. Please put name and number of actual person who completed the form for contact purposes)

                          It is essential that you read the NOTES FOR COMPLETION on page 3 

                                           Please only return pages that have been completed

TABLE 1      TOTAL FTE COMPLEMENT OF TEACHING POSTS as at the 18th January 2007                                                              ►            .
TABLE 2      TEACHER VACANCIES (Please Note: This information is about a “Post” not a “Person”) Please refer to Survey Codes
                                              Subject Code                                                       Post covered       Post vacant     Agreed DfES
                                                                Number of
              Scale Code of                     (Primary                          Period vacant   Post Cover     by the Subject        due to       Vacancy (Y/N)
 Post FTE                     Contract Type                       times
                the Post                         indicate
                                                                                      Band          Code           Specialist
                                                                                                                                    leave (Y/N)         

TABLE 3      AGENCY & SUPPORT STAFF as at the 18th January 2007
   Higher Level Teaching Assistants                    Cover Supervisors                                       TOTAL                            Agency Staff
    Number                    FTE                 Number                     FTE                  Number                   FTE                      Number

                                                                                           Full-time       Part-time     Part-time FTE        Total FTE
NOT on the GTP, RTP, OTT Programme
No QTS but completed teacher training outside the EEA & not on a Programme
No QTS but completed teacher training inside the EEA & not on a Programme
Trainees on the GTP
Trainees on the RTP
Trainees on the OTT Programme
Abbreviations             GTP = Graduate Teacher Programme                        OTT = Overseas Trained Teacher
                          RTP = Registered Teacher Programme                      EEA = European Economic Area

TABLE 5         LEAVERS FTE of teachers (inc. Head, Deputy etc.) Please refer to survey codes
                Who left in the Autumn Term 2006 (4th September 2006 to 2nd January 2007)
                                                                                                                                          For Destination
                                                                                   Length of
           Scale Code      Contract Type                           Age Band                         Reason for                           Codes 1-12, give
 FTE                                       Subject Code   Gender                   Service in                      Destination Code
          of the Leaver       Code                                   Code                          Leaving Code                           Location Code
                                                                                                                                              1 to 21

                                                       Survey Codes 
       SCALE CODE (of Post * or Teacher)                     SUBJECT CODE (cont…)                   LENGTH OF SERVICE BAND
Headteacher                                H    Religious Education                 13   Up to 1 Term                                1
Deputy Headteacher                         D    Social Sciences                     11   More than 1 Term and up to 2 Terms          2
Assistant Headteacher                      A    Spanish                             26   More than 2 Terms and up to 1 Year          3
Advanced Skills Teacher                    S    Special Educational Needs/SENCO     20   More than 1 Year and up to 1.5 Years        4
Classroom Teacher on Post-Threshold        P                                             More than 1.5 Years & up to 2.5 Years       5
Classroom Teacher below Threshold          T                 PERIOD VACANT BAND          More than 2.5 Years and up to 4 Years       6
Teacher without QTS (Unqualified)          U    New Post                            0    More than 4 Years and up to 6 Years         7
                                                0 – 1 Term                          1    More than 6 Years and up to 8 Years         8
             CONTRACT TYPE CODE                 1 – 2 Terms                         2    More than 8 Years and up to 10 Years        9
Permanent                                  P    2 – 3 Terms                         3    More than 10 Years and up to 15 Years      10
Fixed Term                                 F    More than 1 Year                    4    More than 15 Years and up to 20 Years      11
                                                                                         More than 20 Years and up to 25 Years      12
                   SUBJECT CODE                                 POST COVER CODE          More than 25 Years                         13
Art, Craft or Design                       16   Permanent – Unqualified              1
Biology                                     5   Temporary Contract – Qualified       2              TYPE OF TEACHER CODE
Careers                                    29   Temporary Contract - Unqualified     3   NQT                                        N
Chemistry                                   4   Member of SMT covering               4   Overseas Trained Teacher                   O
Combined and other subjects                21   Changes to Class Sizes               5   Returner                                   R
Commercial and Business Studies            15   Other Teachers Covering              6   Graduate & Registered Teaching Programme   G
Design and Technology                      14   Change in Timetable                  7   Existing                                   E
Drama                                      17   Mixture of Internal Arrangements     8
English                                     9   Mixture of External Arrangements     9              REASON FOR LEAVING CODE
Foundation                                 30   Overseas Trained Teacher            10   Changes to the job                          8
French                                     23   Supply                              11   End of Contract                            14
French or German                           25                                            Family relocation                           5
Geography                                  12                    AGE BAND                Family responsibility                       6
German                                     24   20 to 24                             1   For training/development                    2
History                                    10   25 to 29                             2   Housing difficulties                       11
Information Technology                      2   30 to 34                             3   Lack of responsibility                      7
Integrated/Combined Science                22   35 to 39                             4   Other financial benefits                    4
Mathematics (includes statistics)           1   40 to 44                             5   Relationship with other staff              10
Music                                      18   45 to 49                             6   To further career (Promotion)               1
Other Languages                            28   50 to 54                             7   To increase salary                          3
Other sciences                              6   55 to 59                             8   To take up another career                  15
Physical Education                         19   60 to 64                             9   To take a break                            16
Physics                                     3   65 or over                          10   Transport difficulties                     12
Primary Curriculum (indicate KS1 / KS2)    27                                            Workload too heavy                          9
                                                                                         Other                                      13

                                                                                                       Continued overleaf…
                                                Survey Codes cont… 
                 DESTINATION CODE                                 ORIGIN CODE                                    LOCATION CODE
Same LEA - primary school                  1   First employment in teaching                     Essex LEA -     Basildon                  1
Same LEA - secondary school                2            - immediately after training       30                   Braintree                 2
Same LEA - other (incl central staff)      3            - not immediately after training   31                   Brentwood                 3
Another LEA- primary school                4   LEA & central staff (same or other LEA)     32                   Castle Point              4
Another LEA- secondary school              5   Sixth form college                          34                   Chelmsford                5
Another LEA- other (incl central staff)    6   Independent school                          35                   Colchester                6
Sixth form college - same LEA area         9   University, FE/HE college in UK             36                   Epping                    7
Sixth form college - other LEA area       10   Education post outside UK                   37                   Harlow                    8
Independent school                        11   Non-education – public sector               38                   Maldon                    9
University, FE/HE college in UK           12   Non-education - self-employment             39                   Rochford                 10
Education post outside UK                 13   Non-education - other employment            40                   Tendring                 11
Non-education - public sector             14   Break for family reasons                    41                   Uttlesford               12
Non-education- self-employment            15   Other break                                 42   Other LEA‟s -   Cambridgeshire           13
Non-education- other employment           16   Other                                       43                   Hertfordshire            14
Retirement - normal age                   17   Not known                                   49                   London Boroughs          15
Retirement - ill-health                   18                                                                    Norfolk                  16
Retirement - premature                    19                                                                    Southend                 17
Maternity/break for family reasons        20                                                                    Suffolk                  18
Other                                     21                                                                    Thurrock                 19
Not known                                 29                                                                    Other S.E. LEA‟s         20
                                                                                                                Other LEA‟s not listed   21


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