; Manifestos are conversations
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Manifestos are conversations


It's been more than a decade since the authors of The Cluetrain Manifesto fired an opening salvo across an emerging battlefield: the fight to determine control between customers and companies. The front lines may have shifted here and there, but people have been fighting that same essential battle -- the struggle to preserve human-level interaction -- ever since. The original manifesto comprised 95 theses -- a sequential list of declarations aimed at the misconceptions that corporate leaders were applying to customers at the time. But where a manifesto issues a decree, true progress requires the kind of communal effort that only a conversation can provide. It's no surprise that the overwhelming majority of the manifesto's theses hold up remarkably well -- but in the spirit of conversation, people have reordered them on the following pages into five groups: The Human Market, The Human Company, The Human Employee, The Human Community, and The Human Customer.

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									                        Manifestos are conversations.
                                                                 MORE THAN 10 YEARS AGO, FOUR MEN DRAFTED
                                                               WHAT CAME TO BE CALLED THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO.
                                                       THAT DOCUMENT’S FIRST PRECEPT WAS “MARKETS ARE CONVERSATIONS.”
                                                              MARKETS AREN’T THE ONLY THINGS / By Joshua Weinberger

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