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									    Millstone Township
                School District       Spring 2008     Special Budget Issue

     Here is why your friends,
neighbors and educators believe
 it is important to vote in the
             April 15th
    Millstone Township School
         Budget Election.
           Polls are open from 2 pm to 9 pm

                                   April 15, 2008
                               School Budget Election
                            Please visit the District
                                   website at
                               for details on the
                              2008-2009 budget

                  “Soaring to new heights in education.”
        Millstone Township School District Newsletter • WHY VOTE? • Spring 2008 • Special Budget Issue
                                  HERE IS WHAT THEY ARE SAYING
                             “Since the children are our
                             future, everyone needs to take the                DID YOU KNOW?
                             time and make the effort to vote             60 staff members currently serve on
                             for the continuation of excellence            various District Curriculum Councils and
                             in our Millstone Township                    Committees and our staff will attend more
                             schools. Don’t sell our next                     than 100 professional development
                             generation short. Vote for the                          workshops this year.
                             children. They’re counting on
                             Arlene Agulnick
                             Middle School Teacher

                                         “It is important to vote on the school
                                         budget so that our community can
                                         provide students with an optimal
                                         learning environment including all the
                                         tools necessary for their success.”
                                                                      Gina Marie Villani
                                                                Primary School Principal

                             “This is an opportunity for Millstone
                             students to remain competitive with
                             other schools in our county, our state,
                             and our country in terms of educational
                             advancement. We cannot afford to waiver
                             in our resolve towards our children's
                             Katie Coffey
                             Middle School Guidance Counselor

                                           “I always tell my little ones that it is a
                                           right and a privilege to be able to vote
                                                    and have a say in all forms of
                                                   government in this wonderful
                                                 democracy of ours. If you don’t
                                         exercise that right, you have no right to
                                                  complain about what’s wrong.”
                                                                      Joanne Schiumo
                                                                Primary School Teacher

                           “Each child in Millstone Township
                           deserves the best possible public
                           school education and the township
                           will benefit from turning out well-
                           educated students.”
                           Michelle Vella
                           Middle School Principal

                                                 “As any businessman (or woman)
                                                       will tell you, you can't turn a
                                                           profit without making an
                                                  investment. By taking the time to
                                                    vote for a school budget, you're
    DID YOU KNOW?                                          making an investment in
                                                        our most important natural
Millstone’s comparative total                     resource - our kids. Now there's
per pupil cost of $8,842 is the                    an investment that's guaranteed
   lowest in Monmouth & Ocean                                              to "grow!"
Counties. State average is $12,150.                                  Kevin P. McGovern
                                                            Board of Education member
                                         Providing Success For All Students
              Millstone Township School District Newsletter • WHY VOTE? • Spring 2008 • Special Budget Issue
                                       HERE IS WHAT THEY ARE SAYING

             DID YOU KNOW?                                    “The right to vote is the very
                                                        fabric of American life. Whether
     Elementary School classes participated in a        it is in a national election for the
Read Across America activity that connected our              presidency or a local election
students with students in Piscataway by utilizing        regarding a budget, voting is an
        video conferencing techniques.                         essential component of our
                                                         society that should be exercised
                                                                       whenever possible.”
                                                                                Matthew Howell
                                                               Assistant Principal Middle School

                                "Being part of an organization dedicated to
                                increasing      parent,    teacher,    and    student
                                involvement, our mission does not end at the
                                middle school level. We are a community, one in
                                which the education of our children and progress
                                of our community depend on each and every one of
                                us. It is not only our right, but our responsibility to
                                vote    on    matters     to   ensure    this   future
                                Susan Cantagallo, PTSA President

                                  “The school budget is the financial blueprint of our
                                   district’s goals. One of our goals is to maintain and
                                enhance our educational programs. This is done with
                                    the belief that excellence is our standard and that
                                     student achievement is our primary purpose. We
                                 hope that parents take the opportunity to register to
                                    vote, and/or to use the Absentee Ballot option for
                                 this year’s election. In addition, we hope parents are
                                   able to go to the polls with all the information they
                                                  need to make an informed decision.”
                                                                                  Karen Barry
                                              Assistant Principal Primary & Elementary Schools

                                “Voting is not a privilege
                                but an obligation.”
                                Mike Turner
                                Resident, Millstone Township
                                Recreation Board member
                                                                 “A vote for education is
                                                                       a promise for our
                                                                children’s future. I hope
                                                                that our community will
                                                                      take part in budget
     “As a volunteer for numerous educational based            presentations so they can
organizations, and a supporter of public education, I          make informed decisions
have found that the quality of an educational system                      on April 15th.”
   is dependant on a district’s strong foundation. In
     Millstone we are fortunate to have a district that                     Mary Ann Friedman
   produces excellent test scores and provides a high              Board of Education President
            quality education while remaining fiscally
    responsible, as is evident by our cost per student.
        This strong foundation can only be sustained
  through the support of the community. Join me in
                        supporting the school budget.”
                                           Christine Alves
                                           Providing Success For All Students
                Millstone Township School District Newsletter • WHY VOTE? • Spring 2008 • Special Budget Issue
                                          HERE IS WHAT THEY ARE SAYING
                 DID YOU KNOW?                               “The entire community benefits when there is a strong
                                                             public school system. Our school district’s Mission
       One of our Middle School students                     Statement was created collaboratively by parents,
 achieved the highest score in our District                  teachers, administrators, board of education members
 and ranked in the top 5% of the 170,000                     and residents; it cannot be reached without your help
  students nationally participating in the                   and support.”
  American Mathematics Competition.                                                                          Gina Morrone
                                                                  “We must act today in order to preserve tomorrow. ”
                                                                                                 Ronald Reagan, U.S. President

                                      SCHOOL BUDGET

      comparative total
   classroom instruction                                                                        DID YOU KNOW?
   cost of $5,278 is the

                                     Tuesday, April 15th
 lowest in Monmouth &                                                                           The Primary School Star
                                                                                                  Student program is a
     Ocean Counties.
                                                                                                character education incentive
 State average is $7,162.                          2 pm to 9 pm                                 program. S.T.A.R. stands for
                                                                                                    Sensitive, Trustworthy,
                                                                                                  Accepting, and Respectful
                                                                                                  students. Teachers or staff
“When it comes to voting on our school budget,                                                   members nominate students
there's no excuse for being idle. Your vote helps                                               who display S.T.A.R. qualities.
determine the investment we make in the education
of our children. It also directly impacts the                           “The future of our great country rests in the
investment we made on our properties. Be                                hands of today’s and tomorrows voters.”
responsible, vote!”
                                                                        Fiore Masci
Ellen Stephan                                                           Resident, Millstone Township Recreation Board
PTO President

  Voting Locations:                                                                           Board of Education
      Districts 1 & 7                    DID YOU KNOW?
     Community Center
                                       You may visit our District                                   3 Year Term
                                                website at                                    Holly Deitz (incumbent)
        District 2
                                                                                                Bradley Winfree
     Municipal Building
    Districts 3,4,5 & 6                                                                             2 Year Term
    Primary School Gym
                                                for budget and voter
                                                                                                  Kevin McGovern
                                                    information                                     (incumbent)

                                                Providing Success For All Students

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