Is there an enterprise angle? by ProQuest


Topeka, Kansas, wanted to rename itself Sergeyville (after Google founder Sergey Brin), but opted instead for Google, Kansas, in an effort to bring Google's "Fiber for Communities" experiment to that city. Google's early 2010 announcement about a high-speed Internet service surprised some of its watchers. In November 2009, Google said it would support the idea of the high-speed wireless technology, WiMax. But Google has at least one interesting investment that might provide a glimpse of how it will penetrate the enterprise with high-speed connectivity. Meraki, a startup company founded in 2007 and based in San Francisco, has been funded by Sequoia Capital, DAG Ventures and Google. The firm's technology enables low-cost, high-speed networking systems for organizations of any size. Let's assume that Google bundles its high-speed broadband service with the Meraki technology or all equivalent. That hypothetical bundle might appeal to organizations looking to reduce hardware, software and information technology costs.

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