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Migrating to Entourage – Mac users only
Mike Whyment, October 2006

1. Outlook Web Access (OWA):
    Before migrating, check that your Exchange account is active. Log in to OWA with usual ID &
    Password: https://mail.abdn.ac.uk/exchange/
    If you get a server error/cannot login, then your Exchange account hasn’t been created yet.

2. Migrating
    If you can log into OWA, then new, incoming messages for you are now in your Exchange Inbox.
    Until you have Entourage configured, you can use OWA to read those messages.
    Your IMAP mailboxes will not be visible to OWA, and your old IMAP inbox will still have all the
    messages up until the point at which new mail started getting sent to the Exchange Inbox.

3. Install Entourage 2004 on your Mac
         Ensure your Mac meets the System Requirements
          See http://www.microsoft.com/mac/howtobuy.aspx?pid=sysreq
         Open Safari and navigate to the University’s Software Download Service at
         Enter your username and password when prompted, then click the Log In button
         Open the Microsoft folder and browse to: Office > mac > Office 2004

         Read the Terms and Conditions then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the
          acknowledgement button

         Click the download button
          The Microsoft Office 2004.dmg disk image will begin downloading

                  university of aberdeen :: directorate of information technology
       Note: This file is 288MB and may take some time to download.
      Once the download is complete, create a folder called Microsoft Office 2004 in the
       Applications folder, and copy the contents of the disk image here.

      It is then safe to delete the Microsoft Office 2004.dmg file.

4. Configuring Entourage 2004 for Mac
      Open the Microsoft Office 2004 folder and double-click on the
       Microsoft Entourage icon
      If this is the first time you have started Entourage, complete the Setup Assistant steps as
      Accept the License Agreement by clicking on Next
      Fill in your details to personalise your copy of Office 2004, making sure you complete any
       ‘required’ fields, then click on Next

      When prompted, make Microsoft Entourage
       your default e-mail program
      At the Welcome screen, check the radio button next to
       the statement: I want to start using Entourage
       without importing anything
      At the Set Up a Mail Account screen:

            enter your email address
            Check the checkbox My Account is on an
             exchange server
            enter your username and password
            type uoa in the Domain field
            click the right arrow > to continue

   The Automatic Configuration will fail
   To complete the setup by entering your Exchange account
    settings manually, click the right arrow >
   In the exchange server box enter https://mail.abdn.ac.uk
   Check the checkbox Use SSL for these servers
   Click the right arrow > to continue

   The Verify and Complete Settings screen
    should be complete

    click on the right arrow > to skip to the next

   From the Setup Complete screen:
   in the Account Name field, enter
    UoA Exchange
   click Finish
   enter your password if prompted to do so

5. Entourage is now ready to access your Exchange account

6. Setting up IMAP folders
       From the Tools menu, select > Accounts
       From the Accounts window, click on New

       In the Account Setup Assistant, enter your email
       Click on the Configure account manually button
       In the New Account window type IMAP into the
        Account type field
       Click OK

       In the Edit Account window, enter the following Account Settings:
        Account name:                IMAP Account
        Your name:                   just put your name here, e.g. Joe Bloggs
        E-mail Address:              your university e-mail address, e.g. j.bloggs@abdn.ac.uk
        Account ID:                  your user id, e.g. abc123
        IMAP Server:                 mailms.abdn.ac.uk
        Password:                    your usual university password
        SMTP server:                 mailhost.abdn.ac.uk

       Still within the Edit Account window, select the Options Tab
       In the Root folder field, enter ~/Mail/
       Click OK
    Your IMAP mail folders are now visible in Entourage.

7. Moving IMAP folders to the Exchange Server
   Drag and drop folder(s) or message(s) from the IMAP Account Folder list to the UoA Exchange.
   That’s all there is to it!

    Note: You will have to drag and drop the messages already in your old IMAP inbox to your
    Exchange inbox too.

   This is MOVING not copying; once moved, items will exist only on the Exchange server
   Once you have moved all your folders and mail messages from the IMAP Account to UoA Exchange,
   you can safely delete the IMAP profile and never see it again:
       From the Tools menu, select Accounts
       In the Accounts window, select IMAP Account then click the Delete button


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