Metaphors of Entrepreneurship across Cultures by ProQuest


Because metaphors represent tentative mental models, by which people create meanings and communicate those meanings to others, they offer "raw material" to the social scientists wishing to study sense-making and sense-giving processes. The sample is 150 newspaper articles about entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship, over a ten week period (Dec 2001 - Feb 2002), from nine national newspapers in Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, United Kingdom and United States. The research process was painstaking: identifying metaphors (two phases, five coders), creating a database of metaphor phrases and sufficient context, generating appropriate vehicle or source categories and finally coding each metaphor into appropriate categories. This paper reports on our initial analysis of 22% of the database, which found 20 meaningful categories. We here give an overview of the analysis, paying special attention to one of the entrepreneurship narratives that we call "The Fight is On." Because our data is qualitative, we believed it was important to give readers an insight into the underlying metaphors by providing extensive direct quotes from "The Fight is On category". Despite the challenges, we show that analysis of metaphors in public discourse can be illuminating within the broader discussion of metaphors in management. [PUBLICATION ABSTRACT]

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									Metaphors of Entrepreneurship across Cultures
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