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                                                                               introducing :-

                                                                                                                  Classic Pos
 C   Retail Management System
 C Boostore Management Systems
 C ridal Store Management System
 C Consignment Shop management
 C Convenience Store Management
                                                                               FREE                     point of sale program
 C   Dry Cleaner Management Systems
     Electronic Store Management System
     Florist Management System                                                 FREE                     integrated debit/credit
 C   Garden Centre Management System
 C   Grocery Store Management System                                                                    card processing program
 C   Salon/ SPA management System
     Jewellery Store Management System
     Liquor / Home Brew Management
                                                                               FREE                     gift card program
 C   Music Store management System
 C   Sport Store Management System

 C Accounting Management System
 C   Auto Shop Management System
 C   Auto Boxy Shop Management System
 C   Catering Management System
 C   Club Management System
 C   Fast Food Management System
 C   Job Shop Management System
 C   Paymaster Payroll Management
 C   Pizza Management System
 C   Restaurant & Bar Management System
 C   Service Management System
 C   Towing Manager                                         Distributed by:    Start now to automate your business with one of the best POS programs in the
 C   Wholesale & Distribution Management                                       market today, brought to you by a company that has been in the POS business
                                                  CLASSIC POS INC.             for over 18 years. As we actively solicit input from our users our programs
                                                                Suite 90056
                                                     1488 Queen Street West
                                                                               have become one of the most fully featured systems available today, with
SUPPORT FEES - for annual unlimited                                            many options not avalaible in other systems.
                                                           Toronto, Ontario,
telephone and internet support :-
pricing is based on per module per                                M6K 1A5
                                                                               If you already have your own program, then just use the debit/credit/gift card
station.                                          sales:        416-201-7363   option.
Support includes updates to the program                         800-200-5379
throughout the year.. Substantial discounts are     tech:       416-201-7362   Add a cash drawer, receipt printer and scanner to your computer for $489.00
applied for multiple stations.                    admin:        416-201-7361   and you too will have a complete computerized POS station
FREE POS         $39.95                     
Per module       $29.95 /station
                                                                       Try it today - it’s FREE !
Multi Site       $49.95/module/location
Payroll          $200.00 annual updates
As an introductory offer to our fabulous program, we are offering                                MODULES AVAILABLE :                                Classic POS Inc. now offers a FREE
                                                                                                 Each program is available in modules to give       fully integrated debit/credit and gift card
1 POINT OF SALE program module for FREE !                                                        you the option to select whichever modules
                                                                                                 you need.      Each module can be run
                                                                                                                                                    processing program at POS.

                                                                                                 separately, or any combination of modules          Rather than a 2 step process of making
To get your copy :                                                                               can be put together, fully integrated to each      the sale and then having to key in the
    email                                                           other. Get your Free module to get started         amount of the sale again into a Bank
                                                                                                 and then add more as you need them.                POS terminal, you can now make the
    or phone      800-200-5379                                                                                                                      sale and have the transaction information
                                                                                                  * pos            1 station FREE                   be sent automatically to be processed.
The free program works on any single computer
with any Windows operating system.                                                                                 2nd station  $99.95              The interface works through an internet
                                                                                                  * order entry    per station  $99.95              connection, freeing up your phone lines.
You will be able to make sales, track customers                                                   * customer management         $99.95
and inventory. Digital manuals are included.                                                      * vendor management           $99.95
The CLASSIC 2000 plus programs are completely                                                     * inventory                   $99.95              GET STARTED TODAY !
modularized and additional modules (see list to                                                   * purchasing                  $99.95
the left) and stations can be added for just                                                      * general ledger              $99.95              Get your own copy of the FREE POS
$99.95 each. A complete list of all programs                                                      * contact management          $99.95              program and you too can track your
available is on the back cover.                                                                   * job management              $99.95              sales, taxes, inventory and customers,
                                                                                                  * service management          $99.95              in addition to being able to process
For more info including details of all the                                                        * scheduling                  $99.95
additional options and features available                                                         * payroll                     $99.95
in our programs, check our website at:

and download a brochure for the program you need that will show you details of all the
                                                                                                                                                 CREDIT/DEBIT CARD
                                                                                                credit/debit and your own gift cards.
features and options available in each module.                                                                                                   PROCESSING
                                                                                                You’ll also be able to handle layaways,           C FREE integrated debit/credit card
                                                                                                holds and gift registry’s, track serial
PROGRAM PRICING:-                                                                                                                                  program
                                                                                                numbers and handle product matrix,
                                                                                                                                                 C NO monthly service fee
$ 99.95      per module per station for all other modules with unlimited # of                   multiple pricing, quantity pricing and
             stations.                                                                          quantity discounts.                              C PURCHASE pinpad for $495.00
                                                                                                                                                 C or RENT pinpad for $29.00
The program also has Multi Site capability, (multiple store locations) through the Multi Site   These are just some examples of the                monthly
module add on program. The pricing for Multi Site is at                                         many features and options available in           C MATCH your current transaction
$199.95      per module per location                                                            the program. If you’d like a look at all           fee
                                                                                                this, call sales and set up your own             C OR BE LESS than your current
We also offer combinations of modules in what we call pre-configured systems at                 online interactive demo.
                                                                                                                                                   transaction fees.
substantially reduced pricing. These are:
                                                                                                                                                 C on an internet connection freeing
$349.95      CLASSIC 2000 plus GENERAL RETAIL SYSTEM - 6 modules                                                                                   up phone lines
             pos, customer management, vendor management, inventory purchasing,                                                                  C 1 step sale and payment
             general ledger                                                                                                                        processing,
                                                                                                For more info contact us at:
$449.95      CLASSIC 2000 plus COMPLETE RETAIL SYSTEM - 10 modules                                                                               GIFT CARDS
             pos, order entry, customer management, vendor management, inventory,                          416-201-7361                          C NO transaction fee
             purchasing, general ledger, contact management, job management and                                                                  C YOU keep funds
             service management.                                                                           800-200-5379
                                                                                                                                                 C cards are REFILLABLE
$489.00      to ADD a cash drawer, receipt printer and scanner                                                                                   C IMPRINT your company name on
             Add these peripherals to your own computer with the FREE POS program and                                the cards included
             you too, will have a fully computerized cash register !.                                                                            C cost for 500 cards, $250.00
                                                                                                                                                 C FREE pop Gift Card counter
Program pricing on all other programs is available on our website.