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Hieroglyphs to Hypertext as a course that was needed to flesh out both the concentration in Writing and the new Rhetoric/Writing minor. Because there are many Rhetoric/Writing courses on the books and only a few professors to teach them, I was the first to teach this course during my second year at UTC. In a course like "Persuasion and Propaganda" or "Introduction to Rhetorical Analysis," most of the students leave shocked after learning that most public discourses are not Truths but rhetorical arts suited to particular audiences.

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									                                                   COURSE DESIGN

    English 450:
    Theories and Methods of Argument
         Rebecca Jones

Course Description

T    heories and Methods of Argument serves as an upper level course in
     the Writing concentration of our B.A. in English and American Lan-
guage and Literature (the only other official concentration is Literature) at
the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga (UTC), a metropolitan university
in the South. Additionally, the course is an option for our minor in Rheto-
ric/Writing which is distinguished
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