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Yes, that was recreation, but work demands are often more extreme. So, weekday or weekend demands power and a truck that can haul comfortably, competently and safely - that's the first priority. This is a trait Ford has built into its trucks - saying that over 90% of Super Duty owners tow regularly. I went on to tow a 35-foot travel trailer with the same truck, and again found it to handle the load well and with considerable road confidence. On that basis, I'll say this new F250 works well - towing up to 12,500 lbs conventionally or 16,500 lbs if equipped with a fifth wheel hitch.Precisely because it handles towing so well, over 80% of Super Duty buyers (F250 and up) order the turbo diesel option, at a cost of $8,570. This combination is a complete generational leap from the old 6L Power Stroke; particularly in its performance and its new emission reduction systems. Those new emission systems are all part of what's called Ford Clean Diesel Technology, which eliminates up to 97% of the particulate output - a figure on par with gasoline engines unfortunately these changes have driven the price of the diesel up by about $1,500 (over the previous 6L Power Stroke). Being green isn't free.Ford's TowCommand System returns as an option - one that is well worth the money. It includes a factory- installed electronic brake controller that now works with the anti-lock braking system (when it detects poor traction), and helps to slow the trailer and truck in those conditions. And I can tell you that this integrated controller works better and quicker than any aftermarket add-on unit I've used. For this reason alone I'm happy to say that while Ford was the first to install its own unit in its trucks, GM and Dodge have followed suit on its HD trucks. Next year though you'll be able to order these factoryinstalled controllers even on half-ton trucks.

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