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Truckers like to gripe about fuel prices - and lately, they have every right to do so. The cost of diesel has reached unprecedented heights, and there's absolutely nothing log or chip haulers can do about it. While truckers and trucking companies can't control the price of fuel, they can control how much they use. This can be accomplished by spec'ing for fuel economy, eliminating unnecessary idling and adopting proven fuel-saving devices. Each of those tactics has been covered in this space before.With all this said, the future remains grim for truckers who cannot negotiate a fair rate and fuel surcharge formula with their shippers or mills. To make matters worse, the federal Liberal party is proposing a carbon tax on diesel fuel. And the provincial government in BC has already done so. BC's carbon tax purported as being "revenue-neutral" will add $1,000 to the operating cost of an owner/operator this year, escalating to a $6,000 increase in 2010, according to BC Trucking Association figures.Under the federal Liberals' Green Shift Plan carbon tax scheme, truckers will once again shoulder an unfair burden of the load. 'Truckers will likely have a very different view of what tax revenue-neutrality means compared to what is espoused in the Green Shift Plan," Canadian Trucking Alliance chief David Bradley recently wrote. "There is no tax neutrality for truckers in this plan, which clearly states that at the end of the fourth year The average freight trucker's total annual operating expenses (will be increased by) approximately $1,700 per year1."

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