; Whistleblowing Danish Intelligence Officer Jailed
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Whistleblowing Danish Intelligence Officer Jailed


[Frank Grevil] was deeply disturbed that his Prime Minister was distorting the intelligence on WMD to make the case for war. He believed that Parliament hadn't received the information it needed to make an informed decision whether to go to war. But for almost a year, he kept his frustrations to himself. When no WMD were found in Iraq, the Parliament began hotly debating the prewar intelligence. In January 2004, Grevil approached two Danish journalists and told them the Prime Minister had misled Parliament and the country in making the case for war. The journalists told him they needed hard evidence, and after a few days, Grevil decided to leak the intelligence reports he had helped write. "I couldn't as a democratic citizen live with the fact that the government was withholding crucial documents," he told Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman eight months later. "It was my conscience that led me to provide these documents."

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