Port and Fort Blockades by ProQuest


In May, prosecutors charged Shyam Khanna with obstructing an officer and resisting arrest. Sisters Patsy and Katie Hutchison were charged with obstructing an officer. Patsy had taken a face-full of pepperspray before police handcuffed her and threw her into their van. Her cries of pain from the spray were ignored by police, and when sister Katie implored police to get medical attention for Patsy, police instead arrested Katie as well. Patsy negotiated a plea, and Katie's case was thrown out September 19 when the judge apparently agreed with a defense claim that a police videotape with possibly exculpatory evidence had been destroyed. Khanna awaits trial."We want cities to say, 'We don't want to be involved with this anymore because it's economically ineffective and disastrous when it comes to police activity and conflicts with protesters. '" Local law enforcement agencies have spent up to $800,000 to deal with two rounds of protest last year, and the military acknowledges shipping some equipment by train to ports in other states for loading out to Iraq.

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