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"We wish to transform these times"


' Bound in sandpaper to destroy all neighboring books, the appropriated fragments contained therein include textual snippets from unnamed sources (ultimately revealed to range from detective novels and geographic manuals to literati such as William Shakespeare and Charles Baudelaire) , as well as photographs, comic strips, various maps, building plans, historical etchings, and advertisements. Here McDonough pursues an analysis of dcollage -Raymond Hains and Jacques Villegl's appropriation of anonymously torn posters in Paris's city streets - in relation to the wider political history of France in the 1950s and 1960s.\n What is more, at this time he cautioned in part against the "hagiographic adulation"10 so often conferred on Debord, while in the present publication the tone of the argument stridently defends Debord, and by extension dtournement, in the attempt to "repay the unsettled debt of Dadaist negation" (50).

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