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Special Diets Brochure for Nutrition Food Science by Buick


									Special Diets Brochure for Nutrition & Food Science

People of any age sometimes have medical problems that call for special diets, while
other people have long-term medical conditions that affect their food needs. Proper
medical treatment allows most of the people to lead normal lives. However, they must be
especially aware of their food choices. To keep a patient’s medical condition under
control, physicians often prescribe a special diet. Special diets require these individuals to
only eat certain foods. Some other diets require individuals to stay away from other food
items. For example, a person allergic to dairy products must not intake any milk products,
such as milk and cheese.

For this project, one day will be spent in the library researching and typing a brochure
about a special diet. If you are working with a partner, then one person can take one side
of the 3-page or page and the other person can type the other side. You should make sure
that your name is on your side with the title of the special diet.
Include this paper for grade.
Brochures include:
                                                                   Rubric Points
Disease or medical complication caused by or from it.                 10     ___
Information over medical condition                                    10     ___
Why diet is important, what it does in the body to help               10     ___
Important information about that special diet                         10     ___
Examples of the special diet food, exercise, health, etc.             15     ___
Complications? More problems? Can this lead to anything more? 10             ___
Statistics/numbers of people affected by it, getting worst/better? 10        ___
Any relevant information, extra stories, new advancements?            10     ___
One recipe that fits in your special diet                             10     ___
Example of diet foods                                                  5     ___

Total grade:                                                                  _________

Examples of Special Diets:
Pregnant Women       High Cholesterol          Lactose Intolerant     Heart Disease
Hypoglycemia         Diabetes                  Allergies              Religious reasons
Medications          High Fiber Diet           Teen Athletes          Crohn’s Disease
Low Sodium Diet      Hyperactivity             Headaches              Graves Disease
Lap Band Surgery     PKU

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