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Proposed regulations under Sections 367(a)(5), 367(b), and 1248(f) concern certain cross-border asset reorganizations and nonrecognition distributions of the stock of certain foreign corporations by domestic corporations.

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									Part IV. Items of General Interest
Notice of Proposed                              regulations are necessary, in part, to pro-       Comments are requested concerning:
Rulemaking                                      vide guidance on changes to the law made          Whether the proposed collections of in-
                                                by the Technical and Miscellaneous Rev-       formation are necessary for the proper per-
Transfers by Domestic                           enue Act of 1988 (Public Law 100–647,         formance of the functions of the Internal
                                                102 Stat. 3342).                              Revenue Service, including whether the
Corporations That are                                                                         information will have practical utility;
Subject to Section 367(a)(5);                   DATES: Written or electronic comments             The accuracy of the estimated burden
Distributions by Domestic                       and requests for a public hearing must be     associated with the proposed collections of
                                                received by November 18, 2008.
Corporations That are Subject                                                                 information;
to Section 1248(f)                                                                                How the quality, utility, and clarity of
                                                ADDRESSES: Send submissions to:
                                                                                              the information to be collected may be en-
                                                CC:PA:LPD:PR (REG–209006–89), room
REG–209006–89                                                                                 hanced;
                                                5203, Internal Revenue Service, PO Box
                                                                                                  How the burden of complying with the
                                                7604, Ben Franklin Station, Washing-
AGENCY: Internal Revenue Service                                                              proposed collections of information may
                                                ton, DC 20044. Submissions may be
(IRS), Treasury.                                                                              be minimized, including through the appli-
                                                hand-delivered Monday through Friday
                                                                                              cation or automated collection techniques
ACTION: Notice of proposed rulemaking.          between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4
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