; Obituaries: Rempel, Katharina ('Tina')
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Obituaries: Rempel, Katharina ('Tina')


Our mother was born on May 3, 1908, in Waldheim, Molotschna, South Russia. Her parents were Tobias and Maria (Funk) Ewert. Isaac and Mariechen were her older siblings; Hans and Agnes her younger ones. Four other siblings, Heinrich, Abram, Susa and another Heinrich, died as children. "I had the great privilege" our mother wrote, "of being raised in a Christian home. Early on I learned to know the Holy Scriptures and was shown the way to the Saviour." Mother experienced a golden childhood in the blossoming of Mennonitism in Russia before the revolu- tion. During revival services by minister Johann Toews mother came to faith. Her faith matured and when she was 17 she was baptized by minister Gerhard Unruh on her confession of faith in Jesus Christ and was received into the Waldheim Mennonite Brethren Church. Young people's meetings and singing in the youth and congre- gational choirs brought her, in spite of the hard times, much joy.

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