Innovative products advance the industry by ProQuest


The winners of the IWF 2008 Challengers Distinguished Achievement Award create improvements in key areas of the woodworking industry. The Zero Active Drive Beam Saw is unique because it represents a new philosophy of manufacturing machines, says Mark Craig, sales manager. They've manufactured a machine that gives reduced power consumption while offering superior performance. The UV-X is a new approach to UV curing. says Vittorio Belluz, VP. Rather than continuous light output, the mercury-free system uses high-intensity pulses. They're the first company to offer an insert knife cutterhead that can use either diamond or carbide inserts in a single tool body, says Bill Wickett, OEM manager. Everything that is done today in hardwood grading is all done completely manually, so this is the first machine actually ever built that will automatically grade hardwoods, says Claus Staalner, president. Automated grading also provides consistency. Their product is different primarily because of the way that the air flows through their spray guns, says Matt Carlson, VP of marketing, Dux Area Inc.

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