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									                                     Yuma County, Arizona
                                   Notice of Request for Proposal

Request for Proposal #:      ITS-SO-VOIP
Request Type:                Voice Over IP (VOIP) Equipment and Services
Proposal Due Date:            April 16, 2008 at 4:00 P.M. (Arizona Time)
Submission:                  One original and four exact copies (clearly marked)
                             One electronic copy on CD or disk (MS Word format)
Delivery to:                 Yuma County
                             Sue Stallworth SO-VOIP
                             Clerk of the Board
                             198 South Main Street
                             Yuma, Arizona 85364
Bidders Questions Due:       April 10, 2008
Bid Opening Date:            April 17, 2008 @ 10:00 A.M.
Anticipated Award Date:      May 19, 2008
Direct All Inquiries to:     Neal Puff
                             CIO – Yuma County
                             2717 S. Avenue B
                             Yuma, Arizona 85364

In accordance with Yuma County Procurement Code, competitive sealed proposals for the material and
services specified will be received by the County of Yuma at the specified location and will not be
opened until the date and time cited above. Prices will not be disclosed at the opening.

Proposals shall be kept sealed and in the actual possession of Yuma County prior to the exact date and
time of the opening as indicated above.

It is the Offerer's responsibility to be sure proposals are delivered to the Yuma County Clerk of the
Board at the address listed above at or before the specified date and time. Late proposals will not be
considered, except as provided in the County Procurement Code.

Proposals shall be submitted in a sealed envelope with the Request for Proposal number, the Request
Type, and Offerer's name and address clearly indicated on the front of the envelope. Please include one
electronic copy of the Proposal on CD or disk in MS Word format.

All proposals shall be typewritten and in the English language. Offerers are strongly encouraged to
carefully read the entire Request for Proposal package. Yuma County reserves the right to reject any
bids that do not meet the selection criteria.

All questions must be submitted via e-mail. Answers and original questions will be made publicly
available to all Offerers electronically via the Yuma County website.

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Section 1 – Existing VOIP Environment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3

Section 2 – New VOIP Requirements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3, 4

Section 3 – Services Required . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5

Section 4 – Notice of Intent to Enter Contract . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6

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Section 1 – Existing Environment TDM/VOIP

The existing environment for the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office is a legacy Inter-Tel
AXXESS PBX, running 4.x revision software, with Inter-Tel’s AXXESSORY TALK vmail
running OS2 operating system. The current PBX consists of approximately 100 station ports,
16 analog trunk ports and 2 PRI Trunk ports, and VoicePrint Logger used for recording up to
100 analog and/or tdm ports on the system. Yuma County currently has an existing VOIP
Environment. This environment, however is in no way tied to the Sheriff’s Office at this time.
The existing VOIP Network for Yuma County consists of approximately 450 voip users in
over 15 Departments covering over 6 geographically distinct locations. The current VOIP
Network is powered by Nortel Networks CS1000S 2-Branch Offices and a BCM-1000,
Callpilot 2.2, Optivity Telephony Manager 2.0 strategically located in 4 geographically unique
locations all connected via a high-speed fiber backbone.

A. The current Yuma County VOIP Environment relies on the following hardware: Nortel
   Networks Ethernet Routing Switching (BPS, 460, 470-pwr, 5500), the VOIP equipment is
   currently in an active-standby configuration, therefore in the event of a problem there is a
   measurable down-time for applications and voice services.
B. The current Yuma County Sheriff’s Office PBX does not rely on VOIP services currently
   in place in Yuma County. The Sheriff’s Office is currently serviced through an existing
   Inter-Tel AXXESS system.

Section 2 – New VOIP Requirements

   •   Yuma County is seeking to replace the Sheriff’s Department existing legacy
       infrastructure with a new VOIP system. The Jail Annex (new facility currently under
       construction, adjacent to existing building) will also require VOIP services. The new
       facility will be tied to the existing infrastructure via house fiber. The new system
       should have the capacity for 150 users at cutover, but scalable for future growth. The
       new system should fully integrate and leverage the County’s existing VOIP Network.
       The new VOIP system will need to be configured in an active-active configuration and
       not an active-standby, this is to ensure continuity of service and public safety. Power
       over Ethernet switching should also integrate into the existing Data Network and be,
       Hot Swappable, Auto Configurable. Sub-second failover of all network components,
       link, Switch Fabric, Chassis, Power Supplies (N-1), Active-Active solution not Active-
       Standby, Resilient Terabit Clustering, Split-Multilink Trunking (SMLT),Full link
       utilization and Load Balancing, Layer 3 Resiliency,VRRP, OSPF, BGP. This will be a
       significant expenditure, both in time and money. Further, this action is viewed as a
       critical piece of Yuma County's Information Services strategy. We therefore seek a
       long term relationship with a high quality, cost effective supplier. Funding has been
       approved for this purpose by the Yuma County Board of Supervisors. We are
       constantly aware that we are acting as stewards of the Yuma County taxpayer's money
       with a responsibility to ensure an effective and efficient solution. While the final bid
       cost will be a significant factor in choosing a supplier, it will certainly not be the only
       factor considered. We intend to ensure that our final selection, and any resultant
       spending, results in a high quality solution that enhances service to Yuma County
       Government and, ultimately, to the citizens of Yuma County.

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A.   Yuma County has the following goals for the proposed VOIP:

     1.   Replace Sheriff’s Office Core System and service the new Jail Annex
     2.   Leverage existing VOIP network
     3.   Increased performance and reliability (redundancy)
     4.   Enhanced services, unified messaging, virtual office, soft phone telecommuter
     5.   Improved remote management capabilities
     6.   Improved Call recording capabilities
     7.   More reliable Terminal Equipment (sets)
     8.   End User Training

B    The proposed VOIP environment should either be capable of utilizing existing Voice
     Print logger for recording or include equipment to replace the existing, voice logger.

C.   While it is not necessary to duplicate the existing VOIP system, it is necessary to
     ensure full integration to ensure the existing network is leveraged to its fullest and
     ensuring a high availability and high reliability for continuity of service and public

D.   The Offerer may include trade-in credit for existing equipment as a method of reducing
     overall cost.

E.   Pricing should include a minimum of a one year warranty. Maintenance/support costs
     for subsequent years should be quoted separately.

F.   Pricing should also include all applicable shipping/handling charges as well as
     applicable taxes.

G.   Pricing should be broken down into the following categories:

          •   Core System
          •   Redundancy
          •   Voicemail w/ Unified Messaging Users
          •   Manager Administration
          •   Power Over Ethernet Switching
          •   Terminal Equipment
          •   Call Recording
          •   Installation Labor
          •   End User Training
          •   One Year Warranty

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Section 3 – Services Required:

The services listed in this section should be viewed as a mandatory piece of the overall proposal.
Yuma County ITS considers the quality of the service provided to be of critical importance in the
overall successful completion of the project.

A.    Initial installation and configuration of all VOIP and related equipment is to be
      performed by the Offerer.

B.     Data migration from existing VOIP is to be performed by the Offerer.

C.    Training for a minimum of two Yuma County employees on all VOIP and related
      equipment shall be provided as a part of this proposal. Training may be on-site or at a
      site of the Offerer's choosing. If training is not on-site, any transportation and lodging
      expenses should be included in the quote. Training should be of sufficient quality and
      quantity to allow basic manufacturer certification of the two Yuma County

D.    Costs for services provided should be a “not to exceed” number which includes any
      travel expenses for Offerer's personnel that may be required to complete installation,
      configuration or training.

E.    Offerer should supply financial data to demonstrate ability to remain operational.
      This may be a full Dunn and Bradstreet Report or simply a statement of the
      company's annual revenue and debts. Data is requested for a minimum of the three
      most current years.

F.    Offerer should demonstrate that they are an expert in the field and warrant that they
      will provide services that are consistent with the highest industry standards.
G.    Offerer should demonstrate insurance coverage for their employees who may be
      working at Yuma County facilities and agree to hold Yuma County harmless for any
      injury or additional expenses that may arise for the employee (including lawyer fees)
      as a result of actions taken by the employee or representative of Yuma County.

H.    Offerer should include a brief projected time line to indicate availability of
      equipment and personnel as well as a projected completion date and other project

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Section 4 - Notice of Intent to Enter Contract:

In compliance with this Request for Proposal, the undersigned hereby proposes to perform the services
required in strict accordance with the proposal specifications and contract documents at the prices set
forth. All services are to be performed in a professional manner and to the satisfaction of the County.

By signing below, Offeror certifies that:

   1. It is under no legal prohibition in contracting with the County;

   2. It has no known, undisclosed conflicts of interest;

   3. Neither Offerer nor its employees or associates has directly or indirectly entered into any
      agreement, participated in any collusion, or otherwise taken any action in restraint of free
      competitive bidding in response to this solicitation;

   4. It has read, understood and is in compliance with the specifications, terms and conditions of this
      Request for Proposal;

   5. The signatory is an authorized agent of Offeror with full power and authority to submit a
      binding proposal for the services specified herein; and

   6. It will accept the terms and conditions in the resulting contract if awarded to Offeror by the

Name of Firm

Signature of Authorized Representative

Typed Name of Authorized Representative

Title of Authorized Representative


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