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Valerie Casey, global head of digital experiences at industrial-design powerhouse Ideo, is rallying the creative community to her version of a Kyoto treaty for designers -- and her peers are signing on in droves. She has masterminded projects as diverse as a Neutrogena product line for Johnson & Johnson; Barnes & Noble's entire digital-interaction strategy. But most recently, she has lent her star power and professional expertise to a non-profit venture: the Designers Accord, formerly known as the Kyoto Treaty of Design. Its adopters pledge to reduce their organizations' carbon footprints, raise social and environmental impact with every client and every product, and -- rare in a fiercely competitive industry -- collaborate with one another. Casey's project is being hailed as one of the most innovative approaches yet to greening the profession. In the end, the effectiveness of the Designers Accord will be determined collectively by the community.

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