ACROSS THE BORDERS: IREM's International Program Expands to Include a Global Market by ProQuest


IREM started going international as early as 1939 when John Gibson Walker of Vancouver, British Columbia, received key no. 201 to become the first CPM outside the US. By 1955 IREM had its first truly international chapter -- the combined State of Washington and southern British Columbia chapter. A second answer to "When did IREM go international?" pivots around the time that IREM first became involved in the International Real Estate Federation. Other early entries on the international scene came in the 1990s in countries as far away as Singapore and Spain. Meanwhile, revolutionary change was rapidly occurring in Eastern Europe. In Russia, IREM has a robust presence through its strong partnership with the RGR and IREM Russia Chapter No. 109 with its newly elected president, Konstantin Aprelev, CPM. Meanwhile, Asia's real estate management profession was coming onto IREM's radar. Evolving out of a mutual interest to enhance the profession in Japan, IREM entered into protocol agreements with the Japan Property Management Association, and soon after with Japan Real Estate Management and Human Resource Management Association.

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