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CONNECTING OUR COMMUNITY: IREM Chapters Encourage and Unite Members On Many Levels


Across the globe, IREM chapters have provided IREM Members a supportive network in which to learn from peers as well as partake in educational seminars, leadership training, volunteer opportunities and much more. From the earliest days, IREM leaders realized the importance of strong ties between the IREM headquarters in Chicago and individual members living in cities large and small across the US. From the 1930s to today, IREM at the national and chapter levels has retained a steady and continuous growth, despite all the major challenges the real estate market has had to weather both domestically and internationally to, more recently, terrorism and natural disasters. New programs aside, IREM chapters have long been the greatest resource for some members when it comes to finding the right education, networking opportunities, and even a true sense of family and community in tough times.

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