Social Sciences Research: Research, Writing and Presentation Strategies for Students by ProQuest


This volume is intended to be a comprehensive resource manual to help students carry out library research in the social sciences, develop writing strategies for formal papers, and orally present and defend their work. Drawing on their backgrounds in teaching library research and scholarly writing methods, the authors elaborate on how to recognize a scholarly from a popular source, develop research questions, conduct computerassisted literature searches, and write papers in an acceptable format, (e.g., the APA format). Complementing the manual are four appendixes consisting of a list of possible research questions, an example paper, a complete set of worksheets, and blank citation forms to be used to record references, which provide further practice for students. Changes to the second edition include more instruction on searches using electronic sources, such as the Internet, as well as new formatting guidelines that have been promulgated in the past 5 years. This manual addresses the finer points of research and writing that are not given enough instruction in the classroom.

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