"Recognizing what my strengths were and following those. A few years ago, I did some self-evaluation. So, over the past couple of years, the best choices I've made were those where I followed and believed in my passion. When you follow that, you gain rewards that are not necessarily money. As a working mother, I tended to put a lot of things before myself in my life, and I had put a lot of dreams on the side burner. A couple of years ago, my best friend, Kim Westermann and I met for breakfast and we had so many ideas for a new business - Bikinis and Bifocals - and I didn't tell anybody else, because I didn't want to be talked out of it. We met every week and worked out the details. It's a community of interesting women with common interests who get together to share information, have fun, and make connections. We promote a positive attitude. The negative attitude and image that the media and market had toward aging wasn't something we wanted to identify with. We also deal with medical issues like needing bifocals when you hit 40. We've been in existence for a little over a year and want to be a brand which we have already trademarked."

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