; Notice 2008-80
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Notice 2008-80


Notice 2008-80 proposes a revenue procedure that would modify Rev. Proc. 2003-84 by providing additional criteria that must be met in order for tax-exempt bond partnerships to be eligible to make an election that enables the partners to take into account monthly the inclusions required under Sections 702 and 707(c), including specifying a minimum gain share that must be paid upon disposition of the tax-exempt obligations and providing that the tax-exempt bond partnership must provide certain partners a right, exercisable by the date that represents 80% of the weighted average maturity of the bonds, to require a sale, redemption, or other disposition of the tax-exempt bonds held by the partnership. The proposed revenue procedure would also provide certain characteristics of tax-exempt bond partnerships, including noting that the put rights or guarantees for the benefit of certain partners of these partnerships are inapplicable in certain very limited circumstances.

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