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Leaf Jumpers - PDF


"Mom, there's just seven more days until the first day of fall!" My six year old son announced, giving me the usual morning fall countdown. "How are we going to celebrate? Can we jump in the leaves?"Currently, with the way traditional schooling is run, teachers are, for the most part, locked into a certain system. With 32 kids in a classroom, it is impossible to cater education toward each child. Children have to "wait" a lot because there are a lot of other kids to "wait" for. It seems necessary to provide tight order and structure with that many kids or chaos might take over. School must start at an early time with a full seven hour day in order to fulfill government requirements. This is the reality of most schools. And for some kids, school could be the best place. For some families, school is the only choice believed to be right. But for our family, it was not."I am thankful that it's getting colder," he said, as his eyes lit up. "Because that means we can jump in the leaves again!" I smiled a deep smile and gave him a big hug. "I am thankful for that too, [Ben]...I am thankful for that too."

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