Women and Sustainable Housing

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Description: I find it interesting that although the science of Bau-biologie is not considered a "woman's issue," it appeals to women of all ages and varying backgrounds. I first became introduced to the term through my partner, Jrn Schrder. An eco-architectural consultant, Jrn has been building for the past 20 years, applying the principals of Bau-biologie on building projects in Germany and North America, including a house he designed and built from the ground up in Nova Scotia and a re-constructed brick brownstone in New York.Each time Jrn presented the connection of the choices I was making, I realized that I was taking resources for granted. So when one of my sisters asked, "What does Bau-biologie mean in the face of the green movement?" the short answer was that Bau-biologie is "how buildings impact life and the living environment." It is a "three-skin-theory:" The human body as the first skin, clothing represents the second skin and the house is the third skin, with an underlying principal of balance and harmony.[Paula Baker-Laporte]: I learned about Bau-biologie after I became ill with chemical sensitivities and sought out research on how to build healthy environments from all the sources that I could find. I not only live in a natural home that we built according to the principles of Bau-biologie, I have focused my career as architect, writer and educator on the those principles. I noticed changes not through the study but through the application. By building this way for ourselves, my husband and I had a tangible living model for us to experience and for us to invite others into. We discovered that a building that is built using Bau-biologie feels and acts differently than even the healthiest or most ecologically "green" structures that are built conventionally. The proof is in the pudding.
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