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The Spirit of Interior Design by ProQuest


Mexico has an abundance of handpainted Talavera ceramics in any color to suit your decor preferences. The Saltillo tiles made from the red and brown rich Mexican clays compliment the stunning vibrancy in the artful ceramics and together marry to create beautiful bathroom settings. If the Talavera is just too busy for your taste, Mexico also offers recycled copper basins, either hand enameled in lively colors or plain, sitting on the counter for a more rustic feel, or installed above the counter or recessed. Coupled with hand painted tiles, rich plastered walls of ochre or oil glazed walls with natural ochre pigments, the bathroom comes alive to welcome visitors, entice a little more leisurely bath.When natural materials (American Clay, Green Planet Paints, Bioshield plasters, concrete, Icestone, wood) are used in a bathroom, you will need to coat them with sealers to protect them from staining and to help close their porous nature. There are vegetable-based oils and waxes or aqueous resins available. Osmos, Livras and Bioshield all manufacture excellent versions of vegetable oil waxes for sealing purposes. If you would rather create your own finish, boiled linseed oil was used for years, along with a little turpentine or mineral spirit, and is still a recommended way to seal wood and stone.

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