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We have to put our garbage in bags? It wouldn't necessarily be required, since we separate our perishables, recycling and other garbage, but how else would we get it from our house to the curb? And perishables need to be in a bag... otherwise the outdoor bin that it's picked up in would be disgusting. In the summer, I suppose it could be cleaned bi-weekly when it's picked up... but, yuck!!! It's hot!!! And, in the winter I don't think our outdoor water could even be turned on. I'd love some advice. Thanks so much!As someone who hasn't had a car in 30 years, I have watched with pleasure the increase in oil prices and predictions that gas could cost $10 per gallon in four years. Why am I happy about that? Do I enjoy watching other people's misery? No, it's because I agree with your wonderful March/April editorial "A Time of Opportunity." I believe that there is a very sunny side to this supposed problem. And at least one economist agrees with me. Jeff Rubin of your Canadian bank CIBC has recently said that over those same four years, we are likely to witness the greatest mass exodus of vehicles off America's highways in history. He says that by 2012, there should be 10 million fewer vehicles on American roadways than there are today. Increasingly, North American cities are thinking about ways to expand mass transit and building cycling infrastructure. The need to conserve money just might push us to conserve resources!

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