SAP Retains Market-Share Lead in CRM by ProQuest


The market for enterprise CRM software remained strong in 2007, according to recent reports from Gartner. And "strong" is really strong in this case: The firm pegged CRM revenue growth in 2007 at a robust 23.1%, rising to a total of $8.1 billion. Walldorf, Germany-based SAP led the field in terms of market share again this year, by a comfortable margin. The company held a 25.4% share of worldwide CRM revenues in 2007, a slight decline from 2006's 25.6% but still well ahead of runner-up Oracle. Gartner has recommendations to go with its market assessments as well-specifically that CRM vendors should focus on offering products, services, and contractual arrangements that enable users to create the optimal experience for their customers. Ray Wang, principal analyst at Forrester Research, says that despite SAP's sizeable market-share leadership in CRM, the company needs to play catch-up to other CRM industry peers in terms of functionality and customer service. It's rare, he notes, that an SAP customer purchases SAP CRM as a standalone application.

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