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The Art of Education


Stephens, whose theatre's recent productions include Gone For A Soldier (which tells the story of two friends who find themselves on opposite sides in the American Civil War) and The Boy Who Would Be King (which follows the boyhood hopes and dreams of Martin Luther King Jr.) emphasizes the need for clear and creative curriculum connections, advocacy for the arts as a tool for learning and, perhaps most importantly, a practical understanding of a busy classroom teacher's needs and support through the discussion of specific educational goals. Follow Published Guidelines Lubin, associate director of one of 32 chapters of the nation's largest arts-in-education company, lists the following essential components for Young Audiences' four-page study guides: a brief program description, short bio of the artist/ensemble, background information about the art form, a list of pre-performance questions, post-performance questions and discussion topics, suggestions for in-class follow-up activities, a list of vocabulary words and a list of resources.

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