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Skills for Building Success in the Electronic Business Environment by ProQuest


As the business world has gone electronic, top to bottom, the role of record and information management (RIM) professionals has had to change in major ways. Long gone are the days when their focus was the records inventory, offsite storage, and retrieval of paper records. The right RIM professional can add to the enterprise's bottom line in concrete ways, helping organizations: 1. reduce risk of non-compliance, 2. improve employee productivity, 3. manage all information regardless of media, 4. integrate RIM into employees' duties, 5. reduce e-discovery costs, 6. reduce IT costs, and 7. leverage corporate knowledge. RIM professionals have never had such a potentially bright future to have a positive impact on their organizations. However, there is so much more to do that requires strong business, technical and governance, risk, and compliance skills. The strategic importance of RIM cannot be overstated. Increasingly RIM professionals are the ones that stand between failure and success.

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