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Managing breast cancer with MRI by ProQuest


Noras breast immobilisation and biopsy device (MRI Devices, USA). * Biopsy needle: 18G MRI compatible sinsle action biopsy needle, (9cm or 15cm in length, US Biopsy Franklin IN, USA). * Localisation devices: 21G MReye Kopans breast localisation needle (9cm or 15cm, William Cook, Europe): this is preferred for local patients or those who can travel short distances to regional hospitals, ie, who can be listed for same day surgery. 79.5 MReye Mller-Schimpfle Echotip needle and breast localisation coil (William Cook, Europe): this is a device of choice for patients who have to travel long distances or for whom surgery cannot be arranged on the same day. * Imaging protocol: axial T2 weighted images are initially obtained to analyse the lesion's morphologic characteristics, including the internal architecture. [...] it may be necessary to find other parenchymal landmarks to fix the position of the lesion. * Fat suppression techniques are limited by field distortion resulting from metal biopsy needle, thus causins difficulty in visualisation of the lesion. * A potential problem with MR imasins Suided localisations relates to the fact that the wire is deployed with the breast in compression parallel to the direction of needle placement, creatins an accordion effect7.

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