'62 Center for Theatre and Dance by ProQuest


Project Highlights * Facility and its prominent location showcase the importance of theatre and dance as fundamental aspects of a liberal arts education * Student focused facility with multiple venues allows concurrent production and rehearsal * In keeping with the college's liberal arts ideals of exposure to a myriad of disciplines, the center opens itself up revealing the activities inside to the campus * Located at the cross-axis of two main campus pathways, the buildings' design encourages students and the public to pass through and engage with back-of-house activities such as rehearsal spaces, break-out spaces, costume shops, and faculty offices * Placement along the campus' main street, which runs through the heart of campus and serves as the "campus green" required that the facility's form and massing respect the consistent rhythm of narrow facades along the main street and scale of surrounding buildings * Project size: 126,000 sq. ft. * Project construction cost: $36.5 million new and $4.3 million renovated Perspectives Integrating a large-scale performing arts building onto a small liberal arts campus setting can be challenging.

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