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Emotional Intelligence - PDF


Necessity is the mother of invention, and seeing how customer calls have been notoriously emotional since probably the inception of call centers, speech analytics providers are beginning to incorporate emotion detection into their systems. Still, Roger Woolley, VP of marketing at Autonomy etalk, admits emotion detection is not "prevalent" in most call centers. The promise of speech analytics, Woolley adds, is that you let the technology do the listening for you, you no longer have to look for the needle in the haystack. Amir Liberman, CEO of Israel-based speech analytics solutions provider Nemesysco, imagines another application where instead of concentrating on customer emotions, the technology can be used to better understand agent emotions. To prevent burnout, Liberman suggests managers monitor emotional trends to signal when to give agents a day off or some kind of bonus to restore their motivation at the moment they need it most.

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