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all BUSINESS: WEVA expo 2008 by ProQuest


Turning 18 is a rite of passage in most societies, completing the journey to adulthood. Roy Chapman's WEVA Expo celebrated 18 years as the industry's largest and longest-running convention and trade show in 2008 with a return to Orlando. After spending most of its teen years in the US's most over-the-top city, Las Vegas, WEVA moved Expo to a less distracting location. Expo opened with the annual awards gala that featured the WEVA special awards presentation and the highly contested Creative Excellence Awards (CEAs). The lineup of speakers was very balanced, featuring most of the current big names and award winners supplemented by several first-time speakers. Don and Miriam Moran from Omaha Wedding Video summed up their business model and philosophy as "weddings pay the creativity of the soul and the rest pays the bills." On the trade show floor, newcomers Triple Scoop Music were busy with attendees at their listening booth while ImageSpan ran nonstop seminars for WEVA members to activate their free account and make money licensing their videos online.

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