TRIPODS and camera SUPPORTS get SPECIFIC by ProQuest


Video generalists may do weddings one day, corporate shoots the next, even a broadcast spot every once and a while. Specialists, as the name implies, are more tightly focused on a specific type of work or practice. It appears that brand, model, or manufacturer-specific camera support products are the latest trend. Sachtler, for example, is touting a "RED" version of its camera stabilizing system, artemis EFP Pro. Another interesting new camera support device is starting life as a manufacturer in a product-specific way. The new KATA DVG-57 Camcorder Guard is a protective cover for DV/HDV-type camcorders. Manfrotto is announcing a new video fluid head, broadly compatible with camcorder payloads up to 8-10 pounds. Developed specifically to support the lightweight prosumer and professional compact HD camcorders, the 701HDV fluid head offers an updated design. Baughan Productions has unveiled the new LevelcamQ and its big brother, the Levelpod, now with quick-release systems so common and familiar to the pro videographer community.

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