Influenza Vaccination Coverage Among Children Aged 6-23 Months - United States, 2006-07 Influenza Season by ProQuest


Children aged 5 years have more influenza-related medical care visits compared with older children, and those aged 2 years are at the greatest risk for influenza-related hospitalizations. Here, an assessment of influenza vaccination coverage among children aged 6-23 months during September-December of the 2006-07 influenza season in the US is presented. Nationally, 31.8% of children received 1 or more doses of influenza vaccine, and 21.3% were fully vaccinated, with substantial variability among states. A CDC editorial note is presented.

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									Vol. 57 / No. 38                                                           MMWR                                                                    1039

FIGURE. Estimated influenza vaccination coverage among                         2. US Department of Health and Human Services. Healthy people
persons aged >18 years, by age and risk group — United                            2010 (conference ed., in 2 vols). Washington, DC: US D
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