Tools of the Trade by ProQuest


When it comes to building a successful practice in a healthcare world of increasing costs and shrinking margins, technology is just a set of tools waiting for a plan. The workflows of a practice can be greatly impacted by tools such as practice management (PM) systems and their interoperability with electronic medical records/electronic health records (EMR/EHR) and other clinical and administrative technologies. However, this requires a thorough understanding of how your clinical and administrative staffs function at all points throughout the continuum of care. This is the blueprint for every practice that allows that impact to be maximized to the good of all involved. There have been many articles about how a practice implements a computerized clinical or administrative tool. Regardless of size or specialty, the decisions about what to automate, and how people and platforms can communicate bidirectionally can often best be assessed through views of multiple differing approaches rather than a single perspective and circumstance.

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