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RealClearPolitics: Web's Best Political Content by ProQuest


The 2008 US elections stand to be a watershed. There's so much at stake: the economic future of the US, threats from countries all over the world, the challenge of the environment, economic class warfare, and more. To keep up on all of this, an excellent way is to rely upon RealClearPolitics (RCP), a one-stop-shop for news, analysis, and polls on the US presidential race, as well as other key US and foreign political topics. RCP is what people call a "content aggregator" these days, and it's a good one. RCP is an old-fashioned handcrafted operation that relies upon human editorial methods to review and select content. RCP also has plenty of primary source content, including the candidate's own material and an excellent collection of polling data. RCP has another great old-school advantage: It has a human-mediated editorial process. It's the web age version of the John Henry folktale, but this time, man beats machine.

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