Treasure Hunt (Using the Discover PartyLite Brochure) by Buick


									               Treasure Hunt (Using the Discover PartyLite Brochure)

Introduce yourself and ask for everyone to take out his or her Discover PartyLite
brochures. Tell them we are going to do a treasure hunt with them.

   1) Take a look at the cover of this brochure, what do all these people have in
      common? They are all having a good time.
   2) Can you tell which one is the PL consultant? No

You can’t because when you have a PL show, everyone including the consultant has
a good time. Being a consultant for PL for almost 6 years now, when I get to go to a
show I really get excited!!! It’s like going to a party FOR REAL…for me. I get to
mingle with entertaining adults; I really love what I do, so I make it simple, fun,
relaxing, and a joy for my guests to get out of the house.

    3) From this brochure tell me how old is PL? 30 Years
PL is a member of the Direct Selling Association, we are continually rated one of the
top in sales growth, and we are a member of the New York Stock Exchange and can
be found under Blythe Industries, which is our parent company.

   4) Can anyone tell me word for word using your brochure, how much does it cost to
       try PL for two weeks? NO CASH INVESTMENT
WOW!! Isn’t that great? No inventory, no deliveries, paychecks weekly, and you
don’t have to pay for your kit. Can anything be better?

   5) How much cash can you make for trying PL for two weeks? $653.
   6) Trying PL for a month? $1306

What would you do with an extra $1306 p/month? Anyone else?

   7) How much did an average District Leader make last year? $44,254
   8) How much did an average Group Leader make last year? $33,027,
   9) How much did an average Senior Unit Leader make last year? $27,389
   10) How much did an average Unit Leader make last year? $19,199

Take a minute and think about your life, your job, your family, your kids…now
take a pen and circle what you think your paycheck for a year should be, what you
really deserve. Now ask yourself this question, “Can I ever make that where I am
working today?” With PL, YOU can give YOURSELF and raise – anytime…

Now on the back of your brochure there is an invitation spot. It has a Grey box
where your consultant can write in a Date, Time, Place, and an RSVP phone
number. Be sure to get with her before you leave today, to find out when the next
opportunity meeting is for you to attend.

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