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The plan included creating a committee to address record compliance and deficiencies, a health information management committee to promote continuity or the electronic record and information exchange, and a new position to coordinate health information management services across Gateway's multidisciplinary integrated healthcare system. Many staff members have their hands in information management, with responsibilities such as: * Access/log-in security (staff involved in information services and corporate compliance) * Application management, enhancements, upgrades (staff Involved in information services, corporate compliance, policies and procedures, quality management, clinical operations, and program services) * External auditing (staff involved in corporate compliance, quality management and information services) * Change management (staff involved in Information services, policies and procedures, and quality management) * Data extraction (staff involved in program services, information services, and clinical operations) * Form creation (staff in all departments) * Internal auditing (staff involved in quality management, policies and procedures, and clinical operations) * Billing data (staff in accounts receivable, information services, clinical operations, and program services) * Releasing information, record retention (staff involved in clinical operations and corporate compliance) * Data entry/scanning (staff involved with clinical operations, information services, policies and procedures, and quality management) At a glance, these functions seem sufficient to manage health information.

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