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									What can I do if I do not want my                           When and how can I lodge an objection?
identifying information disclosed?                          Birth parent/s and adults whose adoption was
If you are a birth parent or adult whose adoption was       finalised prior to June 1991 have the right to:
finalised prior to June 1991, you may wish to object        • object to contact and the disclosure of identifying
to contact only or both contact and disclosure of              information
identifying information by completing and returning
the required form to Adoption Services Queensland,
                                                            • object to contact only, which allows the disclosure
                                                               of identifying information if requested.
                                                                                                                            Adoption information
Department of Child Safety. This means that no other        Objections may be lodged with the Department
party will receive your identifying information.            of Child Safety. Forms are available by contacting
                                                            Adoption Services Queensland. There is no fee for
                 It is not possible for adopted persons
                                                            lodging an objection.
                 or birth parent/s who were party to
                 a finalised adoption after 31 June         Is advice or counselling available?
                 1991 to lodge an objection to contact
                                                            The Department has trained staff available to offer
                 or to the disclosure of identifying
                                                            advice and support. Trained adoption counsellors
                 information.                               are also available in Queensland.
                 Your objection stays in force until it     Private counsellors may charge fees.
is revoked by you. You can revoke your objection at
any time by notifying the Department on the required        Enquiries
form. Unless your objection is revoked, it will always      If you require further information please contact:
remain in force, even after death.                          Adoption Services Queensland
                                                            Department of Child Safety
What can I do if I do not wish to meet or hear              Floor 1, 111 George Street
from my birth parent or adopted child?                      BRISBANE QLD 4001
If you are an adult adopted person or a birth               or
parent, you can object to contact by completing and         GPO Box 806
returning the required form to the Department.              BRISBANE QLD 4001
Once your objection is lodged, the other party will
still receive identifying information. However, they        Telephone: 07 3224 7415
                                                            Freecall (Queensland only): 1800 647 983
will be advised that you have objected to contact.
                                                            Website: www.childsafety.qld.gov.au
If a person contacts you, knowing that you have             Email: asq@childsafety.qld.gov.au
objected to contact, they have breached the law             Need help with English?
and may result in prosecution.                              Contact the Commonwealth Government Translating
Your objection to contact will stay in force unless it is   and Interpreting Service on 131 450.
revoked by you. Your objection can be revoked at any
time by notifying the Department on the required form.
Who can receive identifying information?                 How and when can I apply for identifying                    You may also request in writing to have your current
Adopted persons over 18 years of age and birth           information?                                                name and address given to any birth relative who
parents are entitled, under the Adoption of Children                                                                 obtains identifying information about you.
                                                         You can apply for identifying information by completing
Act 1964, to receive identifying information about       an application form available from Adoption Services
adoptions made under Queensland law – if the other
                                                                                                                     Can I get an original birth certificate?
                                                         Queensland. Information will be sent to you unless an
party has not objected to its disclosure.                                                                            Persons who receive identifying information will be
                                                         objection to disclosure of information has been lodged.
                                                                                                                     sent an authorisation to allow the Registrar-General
Identifying information is only available after the                                                                  of Births, Deaths and Marriages in Brisbane to
adopted person reaches 18 years of age.                  Can anyone else get identifying
                                                                                                                     • a certified copy of the adopted person’s original
What is identifying information?                         An adopted person’s adoptive parent or adult child may         birth certificate to an adopted person, birth
Identifying information provided to an adopted person    apply for identifying information if the adopted person        parent, adoptive parent or relative
may include:                                             has died or has a permanent disability which makes
                                                                                                                     • a certified copy of the amended birth entry of
• their birth parent/s names at the time of              them unable to apply for the information themself.
                                                                                                                        the adopted person to a birth parent or relative.
   the adoption                                          A birth parent’s adult child, sibling or parent may apply
• the date of their parent/s birth                                                                                   Copies of original birth certificates will be marked,
                                                         for identifying information if the birth parent/s have
                                                                                                                     ‘not to be used for official purposes’.
• the details of any siblings who were also adopted.     died or have a permanent disability which makes them
                                                         unable to apply for the information themselves.             The Registrar-General of Births, Deaths and Marriages
Identifying information provided to birth parent/s may
                                                                                                                     charge a fee for providing these documents.
                                                         Is any other information available?
• the name of their child after adoption                                                                             When is information not able to be
                                                         Non-identifying information is available even if an
• the adoptive parent/s names at the time
                                                         objection to the release of identifying information has     disclosed?
   of adoption.
                                                         been made.                                                  If an adult adopted person or a birth parent has
                                                         Non-identifying information is defined as health            objected to contact and the disclosure of identifying
                                                         and other family background information provided            information, no information will be disclosed.
                                                         in relation to an adoption which does not include           If an objection to contact has been registered but not
                                                         identifying information. Non-identifying information        an objection to disclosure of information, identifying
                                                         may include a physical description, characteristic,         information can be disclosed but contact
                                                         trait, special interest, general occupation, general        is prohibited by law.
                                                         geographic location, or medical information.
                                                         A request can be made for non-identifying information
                                                         about birth relatives. This information will be made
                                                         available if it is contained on file.
                                                         You may request that more recent non-identifying
                                                         information be provided to your birth relatives should
                                                         the other party enquire.

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