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The Commission has a mandate to provide leadership to reform mental health policies and improve service delivery, to facilitate the development of a national mental health strategy, and to facilitate the exchange and uptake of evidence-based information in mental health practice (Mental Health Commission of Canada, 2007).

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									  Muriel Driver Memorial Lecture 2008

                                 Terry Krupa
                                 Terry Krupa, PhD, OT Reg (Ont), Associate Professor, School of Rehabilitation Therapy, Queen’s
                                 University, Kingston, Ontario,K7L 3N6. Phone: 613-533-6236; Fax: 613-533-6776; Email:

  Part of the solution … or part of the problem? Addressing the stigma of
  mental illness in our midst

  Key words
  I   Stigma     I   Mental illness     I   Occupational therapy

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  I   Prégugés       I   Maladie mentale       I  
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