; Creating local authorities
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Creating local authorities


Traditional methods of learning and development which require members to attend face to face briefing sessions are limited in what they can achieve. As members become more ICT literate, the use of technology in helping to build this capacity has become a viable and essential option. Such a big step change requires a corresponding training and development program -- hence the creation of Modern Councillor. Shortlisted for the 'most innovative application of technology to learning' in the 2007 E-Learning Awards, Modern Councillor is an innovative new service which provides high quality, flexible learning and development materials to elected councilors. Launched in May 2007, Modern Councillor provides targeted e-learning modules, available over the Internet, so that council members have the option to undertake training at times that suit them. Modern Councillor provides all elected members with access to online content to help them develop and maintain their knowledge of key areas of responsibility as elected members.

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