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The Long War Concept


Operating from cooperative security locations along littoral areas or from Navy shipping as part of global fleet stations as defined in the Naval Operations Concept 2006, the SC MAGTF will rely heavily on the Navy-Marine Corps team that has long been a foundation of the nation's successful power projection.\n SC MAGTFs will be able to better meet the requirements of longer-term support for BPC activities. The deployment of SC MAGTFs will complement the continuing operations of Marine expeditionary units (MEUs) and the deployment of Active and Reserve Component Marine forces to Okinawa and Guam as part of the Western Pacific unit deployment program (UDP).

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									The Long War Concept
The Marine Corps develops a new force employment
vision for a steady state security environment.
By Maj E. W. Novack, USMC

Last December, the Commandant of the Marine Corps ap-      
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