; Stitched together by God
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Stitched together by God


He told me how much he had appreciated the visits and help from Holyrood and Edmonton's Mennonite Centre for Newcomers when he first came to Canada. "When you are a Christian and get to a Mennonite church, it is a place to feel safe, share with others the Word of God and keep your Christianity, and raise my daughter in a way that is good for her," he told me. In Africa, he had never heard of Mennonites, but the welcome and practical care that Holyrood showed him when he came brought him into its fellowship.I later heard Mennonite World Conference general secretary Larry Miller say how strange the European Mennonite tradition of quilting seemed to some of those African Mennonites that helped make it: "It was stitched together by about 400 people, many of whom who had never done a quilt and didn't know that this was part of the family's tradition. [They] wondered, 'Why are you cutting up that good material to just sew it back together?" he related with a smile.

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