No JROTC Left Behind by ProQuest


"We're aiming at kids who aren't in trouble but who aren't fully realizing their potential, either," says Ozzie Wright, principal of the Philadelphia Military Academy. "We often see kids who have all the makings of being good students, but have very unstable home lives because of economics and family structures. We can make a difference in these students' lives.""All I have to do is teach now," MaconJohnson says. "Before, I would have to spend so much time as disciplinarian." These days, she says, "I don't have behavior problems. And on the rare occasion that something does happen, it's somebody else's job to take care of, not mine.""We have seen small schools projects be successful and the successes that are related to the military academies are in line with that," she says. "But there doesn't seem to be anything inherent to the military academies that leads us to say, 'Now, they've got the answer!'"

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