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TipstoSpeedUpProcessingYourFile by philchen


									                   Tips to Speed Up Processing
                            of Your File
   Whether your borrower does or does not elect to receive the loan documents
    electronically, YOU must insure a complete set of documents is printed and
    given to the borrower within 3 days of application submission. You must
    also insure the docs are signed by all borrowers, and returned via the FedEx
    label provided by GEL. The FedEx label provided is valid for 48 hours from the
    time it is printed, so do not print the label until you have confirmed the package
    is ready to submit to a processing center.

   All new loan packages sent by the borrowers/agents/field trainers/loan
    coordinators to a GEL processing center must also contain the specifically
    requested loan conditions - such as most recent income and asset
    documentation, purchase contracts, divorce decrees, bankruptcy documents,
    proof of paid obligations, investment property lease agreements, etc. These
    conditions will vary based upon the level of documentation you selected when you
    submitted the loan. Note: new loan submissions cannot begin the processing
    phase if there is incomplete documentation. Make sure all pages of all requested
    documents are provided by the borrower.

   If the loan request is for a refinance transaction, the package must contain a copy
    of the most recent existing mortgage statement for the subject property.

   All new loan packages sent to a GEL processing center must contain a fully
    completed and signed credit card authorization form so that an appraisal can
    be ordered on a timely basis.

   All new loan packages sent to a GEL processing center must contain a legible copy
    of the driver's license for all borrowers.

   Insure that all phone numbers for home and employment, social security
    numbers, birth dates, street numbers, etc. shown on the application are
    correct. Borrowers may hand-write any and all corrections on the loan application
    that is sent in the package to GEL. The processing center will make the necessary
    corrections to the loan data when the file is logged in.

   Phone numbers provided for the borrower's employment cannot be directed to
    anyone other than company authorized personnel who can verify employment.
    Under no circumstances can a cell phone number or the number of a co-worker be
    provided as an employment contact number.

   Agents cannot order third-party services such as appraisals and title
    commitments. Orders for these services must be provided by processing center
    personnel only, as mandated by our investors.

   Agents may not instruct or direct any processor to submit a file with incomplete
    documentation to an investor for underwriting.

   Make sure to use the Pipeline Message Log as the preferred method of
    communicate with all GEL employees involved in processing your loan.

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